Saturday, March 24, 2007


Heat, blood-loss,looking at sad photographs...all dragging at my energy. I'm sad about S. I'm sad about leaving tnt. I want to sit on my hill at dusk without my cell-phone.
I miss you S. I wish I could tell you but I'm afraid you're past caring. Time doesn't matter yet. It hasn't increased or decreased my thoughts of you. They are there.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Evening Talks

People ask me about you. Sometimes I tell them, sometimes I tell them even when they haven't asked. I can see more clearly now that you are only a distant body clothed in charcoal, talking so deliberately into a phone. I see you on crumpled sheets, your smile the only smoothness. The colours of you...the almost-whites and the cream-browns....the teeth-marks on your shoulder. To taste your blood and your roots and all that runs through and under your skin. To know what your name means in every language. In you I am soft and sharp, questing and at complete acceptance, holding, letting fall, never holding back, affectionate and hungry...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Things I am fierce about

Little Learnings
I cried while watching E sleep
I have realized that I hate people leaving my bedroom door open after them
Ditto people who try to talk to me when I'm having a bath
I have more attitude than I ever thought
I react badly to authority

Monday, March 12, 2007

Of Circles and Green Aprons

I know I know,I have been Very Lazy Blogger. Apologies to one who is a cherished reader and has been bugging me to be more regular.

It's been a combination of reasons, really. A load of work, a terrible cold, laziness, the computer conking off, many glamorous love affairs....

I have got my US visa finally. Raju and I went to Bombay, spent 3 hours waiting outside the Consulate and concluded the interview in about two minutes. My consular officer was rather attractive, but 3 hours of standing in Bombay heat had sapped me of all energy, let alone charm. Anyway, tis all done, and there are Big Plans of celebrating a certain close relative's birthday in London on the way back. Mum is hopefully flying in as well, so Heigh-Ho.
Before all this jollity, however, I have to confront that terrible persecutor of students,EGGJAMS(exams you dolts). And my life in tnt as I know it is coming to an end. I shall post a highly mournful epitaph on that later.
My Taker-Over has joined tnt. He is rather nice, seems very Yin and interesting. And quiet compared to the rest of us Gigglers. Methinks he will mesh well with tnt. Tis also the svet fact that he was our very first customer. Sigh. I do love circles :)

I am also writing and designing our Green Apron Book. A concepted initiated by Starbucks, tis basically an index of customer-care rules, specific to the organization. If anyone has suggestions on what we at tnt do best, please do write in.