Monday, September 04, 2006

Random niceness-es

My step-mom and I go for a lot of late-night movies. We've watched totally duh ones and some nice ones and some wow ones. It's our hang-out time, our de-stress mode together. Very often, we drive along without speaking. There's tiredness in the car. And music. And an acceptance of simply being present. We'll watch the movie, share some junk-food and drive back home, again in silence. There's no hiding between us. So being quiet is ok.

Meerambika is my Significant Other. We take it for granted that we'll make that extra effort for each other. We also manage to appreciate it. There's the loveliest un-embarrassment in our relationship.

My mum calls me twice or thrice a day. Like most mums, she begins the conversation with 'where are you?' Unlike most mums, it's not because she wants me home PRONTO, rather she's curious because she sees me for three weeks in a year.

S and I sit like a couple. On his bike, my chin somehow ends up on his shoulder. Touch is imminent. And very private.