Saturday, April 26, 2008


and underneath our colouring, we're all full of stories.
indigo as love
and who could put one story above another
(old scars
deeply sour in our blood)

the nightmares
pulsing in yellow
losing out breathing in wandering where there is more
waking up to fruitless
(where are you)

peace, perfect in lavendar
crimson in its hunger
the tired red of eyes
flowered bodies

a flower

and stories flowing
mouth to mouth
chanting and swaying

ancient as lines on palms

underneath my skin
burnt and pale and touched
lies our breath
sullied, buried, storied

...and who puts one breath above another...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

3 pages a day

Be it mindless scribbling, poetry or the continued flow of a leetle story I began last night, 3 pages a day is my new YES.

Did you know that in Tahiti, they don't have a word for 'sad?' Sad isn't an emotion as far as they know. When somebody is sad, Tahitians believe she/he is physically ill.
That is the only interesting part of my Industrial Psychology course. Thankfully, the exam got over yesterday so I'm well rid of it.

But now begins the real stress. Starting Monday, I have Philosophy, Functional English a.k.a Linguistics and Literary Criticism one after the other.
The two English papers hold my pride so I'll dive into them. Philosophy, because I love it. It and the Professor :)
I'll leave you with a few lines inspired by him... know how sometimes your brain feels like it's in a every nerve is frozen. And then...a huge shot of adrenaline bursts through the sun is too a fresh cut on your belly.. and you wake up glowing...gleaming with what you learnt. You...are that shot of adrenaline..the cut, the sun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


1. "I long to create something that can't be used to keep us passive: I want to write a script about plumbing, how every pipe is joined to every other."

2. "In order to live a fully human life we require not only control of our bodies (though control is a prerequisite); we must touch the unity and resonance of our physicality, our bond with the natural order, the corporeal grounds of our intelligence."

-Adrienne Rich

Monday, April 21, 2008


“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

Thursday, April 17, 2008


...and very jittery. I have a feeling something's coming..and I'm not ready, though I want to be. I have the hard knots in my belly that have nothing to do with eating chips. The thing about me and fear is that I don't face them, I ignore them. As in, ignore them and get on with life. But fears have a nasty way of festering deep inside, of growing redder and more sore...
Maybe it's time I took some of these sores in hand. I'm rarely soothing to myself. I say 'tough love' and end it there.
I am realizing now that a lot depends on my facing life with my fears instead of trying to skate over them. I remember Maddie's post on saying YES. Tis incredibly important. Yes to impertinent grins, to the freedom of motion, to 'loving big, loud and shining.' Yes to speaking up, and talking freely. Yes to looking deeper at being responsible and being joyful. Yes to poetry. To spontaneous caring.
Tell you what. I'll make a project out of it. Pick one thing each day to say YES to. To open up to and learn about.
What do yall want to say YES to....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Treble trouble

Heat. PMS. Irritability.
Thank all goddesses for rooms with locks on the doors. And for VJ's who remind me that there are indeed people out there who are stupider than I am.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ETZ and more...

The countdown has begun. The stiffness in the neck. The tightening of the stomach muscles. This is that time of year when sleep seems a hindrance. When all I can bear to watch are animated movies and MTV Kickass Mornings.
The Liquifer has officially moved into the Exam Time Zone.

I'm also seeing and hearing of a lot of love :)
There's P and S and their wonderfully affectionate relationship. I've never seen P this happy in the 3 years that I've known her. There is so much sharing and richness between them.

There's Dee and her guy. I'm really really hoping this love makes her happy. She's far away, but her photographs and her writing tone are happy. Dee, if you're reading this...I'm sending you Special Hope Bubbles!

And now there's RS. Aren't new beginnings the best? Don't forget to never stop smiling :)

As for me, I'll borrow a few words from Maddie to tell you all about it...

"As it may happen I was so very busy feeling wounded I did not notice love following close behind me. It hummed little tunes and helped me pick out polkadot knee~socks, it chased the sticks I tossed for my dog at the beach. It waved me over in shops when it found a romantic flouncy skirt or a particularly pretty hat. Yet love was invisible to me. When I read my book and sipped my tea in the very early morning, love peeked over my shoulder and nodded happily at the parts that made me laugh. Love held my hand when I jumped over puddles and kissed my nose as I read the menu in the breakfast diner. It slipped into the bath before the candles were lit, and waited to tickle my toes. However, I turned my blind green eyes away from the romantic moons and pretended not to hear the soaring serenades outside my window. Yet every now and then my pen would slip and glance true love's way ~ allowing a few wayward poetic murmurs to slip on to the page.And then one evening, deep into the night I played the piano as a new note crept into my song. So, curious, I went back to read all my scattered scribblings and began to piece it all together
and there it was

~ staring me straight in the heart

~ petal by petal love had returned....:)

Isn't she beautiful.....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Love Song to a Stranger

Your gentleness came down upon me and I guess I thanked you

When you caused me to yield

We spoke not a sentence and took

not a footstep beyond

Our two days together which seemingly soon would be gone

Don't tell me of love everlasting and other sad dreams

I don't want to hear

Just tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other

From a lifetime of cares

Because if love means forever, expecting nothing returned

Then I hope I'll be given another whole lifetime to learn..

-Joan Baez

Wednesday, April 02, 2008