Saturday, November 25, 2006

Intellectuals/aatels/non-droolers please step aside.

M and I watched Dhoom-II yesterday. There are about 20 shows going in E-Square, which is the multiplex closest to home. All the shows were sold out. Well, except for the neck-craning seats. Without a second's dilly-dallying, we jumped into a rick and sped to Inox. This is the snazzier multiplex in town. The theatres are decorated a la Moulin Rouge and tickets sell at 130 bucks for a morning show. We didn't care.

Now, the movie is not as tight as Dhoom. It gets soppy towards the end, and there are issues of redemption and 'thief-turned-lover.' But Hrithik.....oh my God! He is lithe like he's never been, hot like he's never been....and THE GUY CAN KISS! Well, visually at least. His eyes change colour in a certain sizzle-scene. I am not a Drooler by nature. No, really. But.....he is utterly Droolable. And Sighable. And Crushable (er). And he's pulled off marvellous stunts and his body (gulp).
Audience sympathy lay almost totally with him. Judging by the shouts of 'Abhishek you're a loser' and 'Hrithik, kick his ass', at least. The ladies in the movie look good. That's it. Aishwarya is, like, ok in her duh, good-hearted bimbette role. Bipasha, in a seriously slapstick double-role does fair justice to Bengali beauty. Rimi puts in a pregnant appearance.
Among the lesser men, Abhishek is pretty good. His role seems to have been given a few negative subtleties, but at the end, he emerges as this benevolent-God-like guy.
Uday retains his lovable-ness....this being the only role I like him in.
The music is danceable, though the songs have been timed at rather unnecessary moments. The thief is softer, more humane with a girl whom he trusts. The cop has loosened up and shrugged off his wife a little.
In all, Hrithik stands out for sheer presence.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


If our every meeting could be like that of strangers, full of anticipation and openness. We would know that we might never meet again, therefore we had nothing to fear. Would we make every meeting complete? Be strangers who are kind?
The previous meetings wouldn't matter. Because we would know that we're not the same people we were then. All would be forgiven, no turning inward to pout and demand or hope for apology.

Each encounter...complete and intense. And beautifully isolated and free of expectation.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

just glimpsed

green sky and i walking
so soft


Ok so it's all over. And it ended rather well. Am quite happy with S2 (English Special Paper 2). Wrote a highly enjoyable essay on Marvell's unconventional approach in 'To His Coy Mistress.'
M and I celebrated the end of exams by...well eating basically. Lemon cake and mausambi juice at the German Bakery and then on to Mocha for cherry-flavoured hookah. Majhkhane I had stopped smoking, and started again. Have realized that I don't enjoy it anymore so will stop...again.

Am leaving for Calcutta on Saturday(million yays). Mum is coming down on the 15th(triple million yays). Can't wait. I'm going to visit Landmark and Oxford and ride the Metro and buses and rickshas and walk on Park Street and meet so many beautiful people. J's concert is up on the 16th at Princeton Club so more yays.

E has started piano lessons. He's practising on my old Yamaha...tis fiercely mine!! I'm thinking of re-starting in March once TnT ends for me. And dance classes too.

Had talk with M about The Situation. Very comforting as always. The best thing about The Situation is that I'm completely clear and comfortable about my feelings. It felt wonderful to talk about it. I didn't realize how much I needed to. So thank you M, once again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


long, short, buried
and filled
under the arch of your eyes

twirling hair
pull out
sometimes i think i know
and then....


I stare at your name
bring back
dark-green light
for giving


and more

so much impatience
trying to go


swelling silence
quiet flesh
quiet body
quietly dying

i touched you and remembered

sachets of remembering
the place of a scent
the slow opening of eyes
curve of brow
draping, tasting, weighing down
knowing this giving

this powerful giving

I move, that's true
I see you all round

the lines of you, the are's and the might-be's
I live with sand under my skin
endless sand

and the sea retreats....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Many apologies in advance, my awakeness is ant-size

Barely 3 hours of sleep last night. No, I wasn't having jaw-breaking sex or whatever its called these days nor writing some scintillatingly creative piece of brilliance. The Dynamo finally gave into EST (examination standard time) and stayed up studying Communication, Leadership and other such totally irrelevant topics of her Social Psychology course.

did you know that 75% of the English language used in communicating is redundant? Do you suppose the Japanese are more economical when they speak their own language? Africans while speaking Swahili or Afrikanse or Portuguese....sorry just showing off there.
So anyway, paper twasn't half bad....meaning I didn't write nearly as much nonsense as I had hoped. Tch tch....must be losing my touch. Philosophy tomorrow which means another late night. And my two beautiful Honours papers on the 7th and the 8th. I better go catch up on sleep.
Wish me luck.....OR ELSE!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Twas an evening of sharp showers. I was walking home with a fat bundle of papers and it started pouring. Home was a 5 minute walk, but I couldn't risk getting my papers wet. So I ran to a small cigarette-shop just at the mouth of my lane and stood there. I was the only girl there. Only girl, soaked and clutching a bundle of paper. I felt perfectly safe.
The rain wouldn't stop. After about ten minutes, I decided.....and started up my lane. People were running back and forth with bottles and laughing. I didn't run. I was aware that my enjoyment must be veiled. I couldn't show that I was loving the strands of hair on my wet cheeks, the way my clothes clung to me, the drops littering my lips. I wish I didn't have to move. But there is a demand that you shield yourself from rain. Movies invariably show rain as romantic and subtly sensual. And the heroine torn between shiedling herself and shyly ducking the hero's advances.

You know what? I came home and loved myself in the mirror. I danced around in my wetness just to see myself. I did not want to hide. I was completely, deeply in my body and watching it with pleasure. Tis true I wanted one particular witness....and I wouldn't have hidden even then.

howdy neighbour

I went down to my local xerox-shop last evening. Never been there before, it's always closed during our Cafe-Coffee-Day afternoon trips. Exams and lust for the philosophy professor drove me down there. I dumped my huge pile of borrowed notes on the counter and looked around.

A small shop, scantily-lit, slightly broken-down. A petite woman with a resigned, determined face started copying my notes. A child of about a year was playing just outside the shop. The woman kept a sharp eye on her. When she started crying, the woman gave her a rupee and told her to get a banana from the 'bhajjiwala uncle next door.' And she did. As she wandered in and out of the shop, she occasionally brushed against my leg. Very soft and fragile.

Everyone knows the shop. People kept coming and asking for 'Ram.' The woman demurely replied that he wasn't there. There was something about her, about her neatly worn sari and matching blouse, the simple parting in the middle of her hair. She couldn't and didn't want to be any other way. came and were familiar with her. Asking for pens and printing-paper. Some neighbourhood kids playing nearby came running and scooped up the child, making her chuckle. My xerox was a long process. I watched. There is something connected and sure about the place. Mothers xeroxing certificates for a daughter's college application, drivers coming in long, smooth cars and holding out 500 rupee notes to be changed, elderly women out for evening walks in salwar-kameezes and sneakers....and no matter how developed Pune gets, tis heartening to know these little pockets of raw simplicity exist. Maybe the shop will never expand, maybe it will be demolished and be replaced by some grand mall or office-building, but for's there.