Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Please read this.

Thank you Trina, for constant inspiration.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who's Gonna Drive You Home...

I went all the way to F.C. Road today via Range Hill and Ganeshkhind Road. For all non-Pune-iite readers....these roads are either clogged with traffic or having pipes laid or being concretised. And I managed to get my first real dent in the Ikon. We were caught in a red light, and there was a truck behind me. I didn't realize the car was shifting back and....OUCH!! I love beat-up vehicles....they look owned. The only thing is, Dad wrote the check for the car.

Vernen's coming over for dinner tonight. We're having scallop-noodles and possibly chilly-beef. Yes, Mrinalini...another expensive dinner...hee.

I 've been very disgruntled over The S Affair. I don't mind if he reads this, I hope he does, even though he probably wouldn't get it. I hate it when his attention shifts from me. But then, that's true of everyone I love obsessively and am not certain of. I just keep reminding myself that I wouldn't find him half as attractive if he didn't have so many interests and arguments.
There are a lot of niggles. A relationship must nourish as many needs as possible. And those that remain must either be compromised on, or find fulfillment elsewhere. Is that it?
I love S's body. The length of his fingers, his eyes from a distance, the whiteness of his skin on the upper arms, the way he clasps his hands while sleeping....
And I love that he brings out my quirks and my indulgent side. But there are so many sides which he will not bring out. To be in touch with all of me, it's important that I touch and am touched by new surfaces and depths. So I can change gears at will. Go along in second-gear even if the road's empty.

Friday, May 05, 2006

UHhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......I just want to curl up into one of my numerous cavities and never come out!