Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dominatrix Woes

The Gestapo is here again. Alarming reminders of Embassy days. I find myself incapable of being nice for more than half-an-hour a day. And even that is to relieve Shuchita. They are here for a couple of months so I'd best put on my Niceness Cap and wear a smile...however pained. The trouble is that my irritation spills over into all other spheres of my life.
Adding to that is an irritable back which is grumbling at the roads of Pune and persistently aching. And I think my eyes have weakened further. Constant headaches blah blah.

It's been raining for the past 2 weeks now. Miserable, tired weather! And the roads are ravaged. Alisha and I make quite a spectacle on her bike when we come home from tnt. We sing 'Alice' and 'Hakuna Matata' while our bottoms bob at every pothole. When it's raining and there's no electricity, therefore no streetlights....every pothole is occasion for throaty moans. Sounds very raunchy. Dark road, rain, two figures on a bike moaning deeply....

Haven't seen S since Tuesday. Very grumpy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Running over
The plains of flesh
The crevices
The courses
Of nerve-rivers
Warm with the heat
Of touched skin

The rain
Brings your face
To my fingers...

Essay written for raksha bandhan

A Step Up...

They said it’s tough being an only child. Then they said it’s difficult adjusting with siblings. I thankfully got left out of both categories.

I was 15 when Eeshaan was born. I remember going to the hospital a few hours after he arrived. A big bundle of possibility with a ready smile…even then. I looked at him solemnly and thought he was cute. And now I could use the phrase ‘my brother.’
That was our first meeting.

I never consciously thought about our relationship. We flowed into each others lives effortlessly. In 6 years, he’s never questioned why he and I have different mothers. Blood doesn’t play much of a role for us. I know I have a confidante, a fellow Disney and Mark Knopfler fan and all the cuddles I could ask for. He knows he has a die-hard admirer for life. We’ve been flat-mates for a year, and roommates for the last few weeks. He’s the only one who doesn’t roll his eyes when I whine about my boyfriend. I’m the only one who thinks he’s cute when he’s doing subtraction.

I’m not sure why it’s called ‘step’-siblinghood. The way I see it, it takes many extra steps on the part of both individuals to make it work. And it’s a ‘step-up’ in the lives of both if they manage it.
I’m 21 years old. Eeshaan just turned 6. We share half a blood-tie.
Everything else is whole…

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Miss him.