Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I know I know...I haven't been writing in here at all. I is sorry :( But..I have been positively swamped! Writing, getting paid for it a little bit, trying to decide on that big step of moving out of home....and trying on a new relationship for size.
Now, most of you already know about this since I am pathologically incapable of keeping such big news to myself! In fact, there are at least five people I have to tell right away when something Big Deal happens.
The truth is that it is big news for me. I am taking an old friendship off the shelf, dusting it off and looking at it anew. And I have been wonderfully surprised at what I am seeing. What is even more surprising, and leading to palpable irritability, is that it is happening long-distance. Trust me to respond to somebody only after they move to the southern hemisphere! But, truth be told, it could not have happened sooner. We both needed to go through a lot of brick walls in order to become the girl who can respond, and the guy she could respond to.
I freak out over these happenings periodically, but despite this, and the distance, we are managing to communicate a LOT. The good thing about the distance is that it means the going is slow. We have time to savour, to think (in my case, to obsess.) Oh, it drives me crazy a lot of times, but it is forcing me not to rush, to actually cultivate patience. (Aren't you proud of me Boss??!!)
For now, I am hummingly happy, enjoying being showered with liking and affection and silly arguments. I will get sordid and cry buckets and have nasty doubts clouding this light, but you know what, I think I can pull this off. I think we can pull this off.

Friday, October 10, 2008

For Mitul Pishi

I know you will survive this. I know you are worried about those who might not be able to. I know that I am sitting here tight in my helplessness and sending you what meagre prayers I can dress up in words.
You have survived so much. And you have remained strong and forthright and a passionate advocate of solitude and living. Life has thrown so much, so many big things at you...and you have let them wash over you. You have caught them and plucked out the glitzy feathers and held on to bare bones.
You have held fear and resignation in your hands, and you have moulded them into strength.
All this I know, and I am putting all my faith in this knowledge and sending it to you so that you never forget just what you hold in you.

~ Tia

Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend in Mumbai

At the Hawaiian Shack. Yes, we were slightly blurry!
Happily buzzed!
At Spikey's. Trying to distract Weed from Sudoku/crossword/general compulsiveness.